3 Tips For Moving to Barcelona
09. May 2023
3 Tips for families to relocate to Barcelona with ease From a family/pet friendly relocation TIP N. 1 Plan ahead: Start planning your relocation as early as possible to ensure a smooth transition. This includes researching housing options, schools, healthcare providers, and other essential services. Consider working with a relocation company, such as Salvador & Co, to help you navigate the process and provide personalized guidance.

27. November 2019
Barcelona is a city that fills the senses at all hours of the day and never leaves you indifferent. In the morning, the buildings of the city, wake up among yawns of orange light.

10. October 2019
In Barcelona, if you devote yourself to looking up, you will find another world very different from the bustle of the sidewalks, the shops and the restaurants to which you are accustomed. It's a hanging world that passes unnoticed by the majority; a world below which, we hurry to arrive at work on time or to the market before it closes.