How where you live influences who you are

How where you live influences who you are

Many times, who you are depends on where you live. In fact, there are several studies that suggest your success is influenced by the people you surround yourself with.

So, why not dare to live in different countries and places, like Barcelona?

For instance, during my time living in the US, I found the inspiration to write a novel. However, after 17 years, my family and I felt the pull to return to Barcelona, our place of birth. Don't get me wrong, we love it here. But, I still find myself returning to the East Coast of the US a few times a year. In the midst of a suburban city, nestled by the Pocono Mountains, I suddenly find the time to think and write.

It makes me wonder, what do I miss without even realizing it?

It was the silence,


In the suburbs, 


I find silence sourrounded by nature, 


I can listen to the birds songs,

And I forget to keep score, 


In the silence there are no expectations. 


My hand wanders, 

like the hand of “ Wednesday” in the movie.


I stop listening to the noise of the world, 

and the needs of many. 

and I say hi to myself.


Would you dare to discover a different side of yourself? 

To speak another language, 

embrace new traditions, 

exchange hugs for two kisses on the cheek, 

and savor new flavors in your food?


In New York, I am a writer, 

or at least I dare to write.

 In Spain, I am a soldier, ready to defend my territory. 

But by the Mediterranean, 

I am a dreamer, 

living out my own story.


Now, let me ask you, who are you? And who would you like to be?

By Mercedes Salvador

Or M Salvalives