Renting an apartment in Barcelona

The Landlord/Landlady wouldn't return de DEPOSIT
Renting an apartment in Barcelona · 26. November 2023
How to save you problems when you leave your apartment and you want your deposit back
OUR BEST TIPS when you rent an apartment in Barcelona, Spain
Renting an apartment in Barcelona · 26. October 2023
🌍 Relocating to Barcelona Avoid the common pitfalls with our help 🌍 Moving to a new city can be exciting, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. I already had my set of experiences renting, buying property for myself in the USA, and Barcelona and for my clients. For a smooth transition for individuals and families, here are MY BEST tips to consider when relocating: ☀️ Check every corner of your apartment once you arrive and promptly report any issues to the Agency.