Your Caring

Relocation & Real estate Agency

Salvador & Co is a fresh, empathetic and welcoming 21st century Relocation and Real Estate Agency. Of course we will help you find housing as we did for lots of our clients and many times for ourselves when moving to other countries.


But we can also provide you any service that you may need to make Barcelona your HOME. Whether it's assistance with documentation, coaching, legal advice - we'd be happy to help you.

We are curious to know what has attracted you to come here. The sea? Gaudi? Food and wine? A way of live?

What do you wish someone would help you with when you move? Let us know!


There's a lot to explore in Barcelona. Get to know the real Barcelona, not the obvious or basic or touristic one. Join us to experience a healthy, cultural, Mediterranean way of living. 

Social Purpose

At Salvador & Co, we believe that it is important to grow as a team and to acknowledge the efforts we make every day. Teamwork and effort are essential tools to create a better world. For this reason, each year, we want to recognize a local social cause that shares our values and is having a positive impact on society. We want to create shared value and build bridges between the people and programs that we recognize and us.

In 2023, we are commited to supporting prisoners of conscience and persons imprisoned or prevented from expressing an opinion by means of violence. Salvador & Co will make an effort support their financial needs with a part of the income that we make in a year.