A RELOCATION service with freshness and purpose.



With a good vibe,

With friendly professional relocators,

and taylor made services.


Our approach focuses on:

Helping, Coaching, Empathy, and Legal advice.

We are caring and service-oriented professionals

Put yourself in our capable hands.

We offer different packages:


1. Housing: your way home


With this package we will help you find a home that is suitable for you.

  • Assistance through WhatsApp&Skype calls to understand exactly what, every client needs, wants, and can afford.
  • Guidance and Information for determining an appropriate neighborhood for you. Reviewing homes and apartments, and selecting a place to live. 
  • Discussions about the timeline, common practices in Spain, differences with the US and explanation about payments, contracts, deposits, the law, etc. 
  • Followup Skype & WhatsApp calls to establish the client’s preferences. 
  • Create an agenda in a shared drive, so both sides actively interact with the apartment search.
  • We will find the best apartments, visit them, and take videos of the apartment and street to make sure it fits your needs and likes. We will find 10-15 apartments from which you will choose your top five, which we will then visit and videotape. 

Other Services We Offer:

  • Advise on real estate investment
  • Help you determine the real market value of the property Review legal documents
  • Help with negotiations
  • Help to deal with the administration and the legal requirements
  • Advice on taxes that the client will have to pay
  • The signing of the reservation agreement
  • The signing of lease agreement 

We will never accept money or commissions from Agencies, while working as relocators.

2. Landing on the moon

  • Airport pick up
  • Helping to get settled with luggage
  • Signing the lease contract
  • Keys
  • Helping to buy basic needs the next day.


3. And now what?


With this add on we will help you set up bank accounts, utilities and more.

  • Documentation: Setting up a bank account (resident/non resident). Showing different options.
  • Setting up utilities and choosing a phone line
  • Familiarize you with the medical establishments and public transportation systems
  • Padron, tax registration, NIE, Hacienda and other paperwork related to it.


4. Más despacio por favor


With this add on we offer to accompany you and serve as translators throughout the process with a touch of humor.