Mercedes Salvador

I spent a third of my life living in the U.S. looking for a place I could call my "home". During my time abroad, I moved 15 times, and in doing so I learned about other cultures, about myself, and life.


I have broad interests, ranging from Radical Education (I've taught in Free schools, Montessori and Progressive schools, in some of the poorest, as well as wealthiest neighbourhoods in the U.S., and in ASB in Barcelona), to writing (I spent 10 years writing a fictional memoir, La Copia de Van Gogh

( and wrote articles and other books. I did readings in NYC and Barcelona, learned how to sell, and set up a publishing company in NYC which celebrates multicultural influences.

During the last three decades, I have been dedicated to continually updating my professional and personal development. I have a Law degree from University of Barcelona, and a Bilingual Master of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing from Goddard college, Vermont, US. I hold three Masters in different areas of Law, I worked in the firm Bufete Cuatrecasas, and in my own Law practice. Finally, I have taken many courses in Personal Development, Coaching, Mediation, Agente Inmobiliario and Personal Well-being. 


Thanks to all of this, in my work I blend professional insight with a genuine passion to serve and empower my clients, in order to find them a place they can call "home" and where they can live the best versions of their lives.



Welcome to Barcelona!


Albert Alegre is one of the brainiacs of Salvador & Co. His expertese with human behaviour, insight in to the inner workings of business, along with his experience living abroad for more than 25 years, provides the group with a strong foundation.


He combines his activity as an Emotional Intelligence & Leadership consultant (EIINA, with his work as a Professor at East Stroudsburg University in the United States and with his partnership in Salvador & Co.


He has two Bachelor degrees, in Education and in Business Administration, a Master´s Degree in Developmental Psychology, and a PhD in Human Development from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech USA).


In 2018 he was nominated best teacher of the year in Education, and is now a tenured Professor at East Stroudsburg University.


He has published several books, including:

  • Cómo desarrollar la inteligencia emocional: estrategias para padres
  • Los malos jefes: Como Triunfar a Pesar de Ellos Utilizando la Inteligencia Emocional

For sale in Casa del Libro.

A group of millennials (Maya from Spain, Britany from Missouri US, Bea from France/India, and Anna from Barcelona) who brainstormed with me to create my relocation concept.