Mercedes Salvador

Mercedes Salvador has spent a third of her life living in the US looking for a place she can call her "home". During her time abroad, she learned from other cultures and in doing so, she learned more about herself.


She has broad interests ranging from education (she has taught in some of the poorest and wealthiest neighbourhoods in the US), writing (she has published a novel), to set up a publishing company in NYC, celebrating multicultural influences and coaching.


Dedicated to continual professional development, she holds a Law Degree, a Master of Fine Arts in Bilingual Spanish-English Creative Writing, and many courses in personal development. Mercedes blends professional insight with a genuine passion to serve and empower her clients, in order to find the a place they can call "home" and where they can succeed.


Albert Alegre is one of the brainiacs of Salvador & Co. His knowledge about human behaviour and how companies work, along with his experience living abroad for more than 20 years, provides the group with a strong foundation.


He combines his activity as an Emotional Intelligence & Leadership consultant (EIINA, with his work as a Professor at East Stroudsburg University in the United States and with his partnership in Salvador & Co.


He has two Bachelor degrees, in Education and in Business Administration, a Master´s Degree in Developmental Psychology, and a PhD in Human Development from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech USA)